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Accident & Health insurance is an essential for all travel, whether it be short or long term.

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For Long Term International Travel Medical insurance we are happy to introduce our Gold Standard.  The way this product distinguishes itself are numerous.   Members get 5%cash back after payment for a policy! 5% back after each annual renewal as well plus no claim discounts. Logged in Members Click the button above to start your quotation.

  • Policy Issued Immediately, No medical underwriting
  • 3 levels of deductible and protection levels
  • Vision coverage
  • Maternity benefits available after 12 months of coverage
  • 24 hour emergency medical assistance
  • Up to 5-20% discount on renewal with no claims
  • Coverage of Medicines
  • 12 month policies. Payable monthly or annually
  • Global network of 8000 hospitals and clinics
  • Annual Wellness check ups
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Coverage
  • Consultations available in your language!
  • Mental health counselling and well being support
  • Contrary to most insurances that cover medical costs, the insurance we will offer our membership is a real health insurance. This means much more is covered when compared with "travel" or other types of insurance. This insurance is NOT covering only accidents.  Let's say you are not feeling well or have a strange pain in your body - you can get a check up and be covered!  The maximum amount covered is higher overall than most insurance and available per event. 
  • Remember Members are entitled to 5% cash back from after we recieve our commission from your completed policy purchase with our provider.  If you are not a member we will have no way of following your applications and rewarding you. Become a member today!  Membership is free and the rewards are great!

One other beautiful thing worth noting is that our insurance partner is also donating to Not For Sale an organization working hard toward ending Modern Slavery.


For Short term Travel Insurance (US residents only) we highly recommend these products: 



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