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Nov 27, 2021 To the Ends of the Earth

What does the ends of the earth look like in our day and how is it affecting modern missions movements?   I was so moved by the movie that MAF put out that was shown in theatres around the world by this title.   

If you haven't watched it you really must.  We have listed thier website in our Resources section under Media and Communications.  The movie documented one place on earth that is as an end in terms of its remoteness - Papua New Guinea.  It was moving to see the new believers desire to reach thier neighbors in other remote villages after tasting the goodness of God.  We were amazed to see the lengths these small villages in mountainous jungles go to hear the good news.  As the world assimilates more and more we are seeing the ends of the earth are changing.  Some of those from the ends of the earth are mixing into our neighborhoods.  They are now travelling to us!  It is also so encouraging to see a new shift in missions being birthed from Southern Hemisphere to the North in addition to our continued Northern Hemisphere to the South.  We will also begin to see the Far East going Eastward?  There are so many ready to go!  Let us be ones to consider how we can encourage and support them.   We may feel trapped by Covid in these times but on the other hand Covid may very well be creating a new audience for us!   As Jesus tells us. "Open your eyes and look at the fields!  They are ripe for the harvest!" John 4:35