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Opportunities in the Americas

  • University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii

    Get equipped with Spiritual, Cultural, Intellectual and Professional Training


  • Restore the Identity, Dignity and Destiny of the Nations

    Nations2Nations A ministry of YWAM

  • Advancing the Gospel Worldwide

    Mentoring those who want to Serve.

  • Discover the Ozarks!

    From the Ozarks to the Nations.

  • Train to Transform

    From the Big Island to the Unreached!

  • Life to Life Discipleship

    1200 Cross Cultural Workers in 102 Countries

  • Calling the Hero Generation

    We are living in one of the most critically important seasons in all of spiritual history.

  • You are Called to Multiply

    Let's plant Churches together and Grow in Partnerships that the World may know Jesus.

  • Short Term Missions - Long Term Impact

    Where Love is Needed

  • Transformed Lives, Transformed Neighborhoods, Transformed World

    We start and shape communities of faith that love like Jesus in their neighborhoods.

  • We Love Because He First Loved Us.

    Serve in a Global Community!

  • Helfen Sie mit!

    Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, wie Sie selber aktiv mitmachen und unsere Projekte unterstützen können. Sie können zum Beispiel zwei Wochen Ihrer Ferien oder auch mehrere Monate zwischen zwei Stellen dazu verwenden, in einem unserer Projekte mitzuarbeiten, oder für ein Agape-Projekt Geld sammeln mit einem Sponsorenlauf oder einem Konzert etc. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Hilfe!

  • Frontier, TESOL and Discipleship Training

    Beautiful Discovery Bay, Washington State

  • Coming Alongside Leaders

    Partnering with Leaders and Churches

  • No Ordinary Child

    Children, Preteens and Teenagers have a God given destiny and spiritual capacity.

  • Prayer, Mission and Justice

    Mission Teams, Pick a Fight, Pray for the World

  • Each Life Matters

    Respond, Rebuild, Strengthen

    Saving lives in emergencies.  We're ready to respond within 24 hours of disaster.

  • Outreach among the least reached

    especially Muslims

  • Human Trafficking Prevention, Special Needs

    Sports Ministy, Refugee Outreach

  • Serve the World out of Amarillo!

    Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe!

  • Central and South America, Tanzania and India

    Provide essential community and medical services for those in need.


  • Salem, Oregon, USA

    Salem Ropes Course, Gospel Focus Street Ministry, Missions focused Discipleship Training and Counselling Training Courses

  • International Discipleship Training

    Maintain and Enhance Discipleship Training. Networking Personell and Resources

  • Impact lives across cultures

    Develop Global Christian Discipleship with mission movements from the global North and South working together.

  • Relief and Development

    Initiatives and Funding Worldwide

  • Love and Respect

    With Love and Respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.

  • Christian Endeavor

    We are uniting 30 independent National Christian Endeavor Unions in 29 countries around the world. Although quite different in size and structure, all have their roots in the Christian Endeavor movement which sprung up in the United States 1881

  • Sample Americas Opportunity

    Create and Post an opportunity for our membership directly! First Step, email us and ask us to make you a Partner! 

    Opportunity pages can be rented* for free by our partners. Your "rent" will be paid with a banner exchange on your site. Your opportunity is listed on a public page under a geographical tab of your choice. Once a member logs in he may click your opportunity to bring you to your page.  Examples of this is above whereby a teaser and a summary line underneath is all that the public can see.  Once a member logs in then he can click the link to see the details on your page.   

    Second Step after we have changed you from member to partner:  log in to our site and right next to your login name you will see “Members Area”.  Hit that link.  This will bring you to a page where you can change your password, etc.  Note at the top, however there is a hyper link under “Create an Opportunity”.  Before you hit that link we recommend you take a look at the tutorial video listed below.  It is very straight forward.  When you are done and hit update a notification will come to us for our approval.  Once approved  it will be opened and everyone can see your teaser while only our members can see your opportunity.

    Here is the tutorial   

    Your opportunity once approved will be added to your members area and you can edit it anytime you like.  Note that for each edit we will be notified, and your edited opportunity will be closed until it is approved by us again.

    For more information on rates and plans for other areas of our site please go to advertising