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It is our members who have the insights and understanding with what is going on in the world of charitable workers.  Please use this blog to feedback what you are seeing on the site and how it can be made more concise. Feedback where we can make improvements on our services or perhaps a service  we need to add that is lacking!  Thanking you in advance!

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Hi, I met you in HKG Call2All and joined then. I just did a search for my friend to Honiara, Solomon Islands, but no results. Do you have plans to cover minor cities like this in the future?

By hcgood

Thanks for your input.  I am sorry to say that we do not have Honiara (HIR) on our list of cities.  It is our hope that in future we can add more local agency sites as additional resources to find fares to these smaller places with smaller airports.  If you could tell me from where you wish to fly we may be able to find an agency to refer you to or recommend an international flight to a city where a local agent could help us make a connect.

By admin

Your multi-city function is confusing. I put in three cities but could only put in one arrival and one departure date for the whole itinerary. How do I indicate when I’d like to travel between the 1st and 2nd city?

By BFulton

Thanks for this very valuable observation.  We will make this more clear in our flight engine page as well as our Flight FAQ.  Multi city is a bit of a misnomer.  What it really means is “Open Jaw”.  You are only allowed to enter two cities, for example Hong Kong to Los Angeles on April 3 and Seattle to Hong Kong on June 7. Meaning that you are travelling on the ground between LA and Seattle.  For three or more destinations in a row continuously flying then we consider that a complicated itinerary.  We would ask that you email us with your dates and destinations for each and we will work out a fare for you using the best connections of various airlines to meet your needs.

By admin

I see other posts about the confusion on how to use the multi-city… I think what’s confusing is having 4 cities to list and only one departure and one arrival day and time to enter, when people are actually thinking of a 3 or 4 leg trip… I think what would help is that instead of having City 1, City 2, City 3 and City 4, you should have like for the round and single trips: Departure, Destination, Departure, Destination…. see what I mean?
Or in the explanation, you might wanna explain better the example by saying:
“Multi-City Use this tab if you want to select what is called an “Open Jaw” destination. For example if you want to fly HKG to Los Angeles and then a week later fly from Phoenix back to Hong Kong, enter HKG for City 1 and LAX for City 2 and then Phoenix for City 3 and HKG for City 4. The sector in between perhaps is overland. It does not mean that you put a series of cities you want to fly to like Hong Kong,Los Angeles, Phoenix, Charlotte, Hong Kong. That is what we call a complicated itinerary and you should click on the link below…
Hope it’s clear.

By Cyberyo74

Thanks Cyberyo74. We are listening and trying to work this one out.  What you did was use multi city for an open jaw international trip and then purchased a oneway to connect the open jaw.  One day it will be nice when we can connect the dots as City 1,2,3,4 as you have suggested.  You also had some difficulty with the CST Central Time Zone issue to make your purchase is that correct?  Can you tell us more about that?

By Super Admin

Thank you for your concern. I live in Hong Kong which is 12 hours ahead of CST Central Time Zone so I couldn’t book my ticket during my office hours when I have access to the internet. I had to do it during night hours and was a bit inconvenient for me.
Also, I’d like to report when filling out the forms when booking, when I entered my name with an accent, it didn’t accept it, same thing for brackets in phone numbers… It would be good to have this mentioned in the guidelines when filling out forms.
Those are little details, overall, I’m very satisfied by Go2serve services, the rates I found are amazing! Thank you.

By Yohann

After my panic attack this morning, having realized I need a Gatwick to Heathrow transfer . . .  how DOES one get from Gatwick to Heathrow and vice versa?

By tom

Hi Tom,

Often there are better fares available when flying into Gatwick instead of Heathrow.  As most International departures are from Heathrow, however, our engine tends to generate fares in this way - into Gatwick and out of Heathrow.  For the bus schedule between the two airports you can go to:  The travel time is around 1 hour dependent on traffic.

By Super Admin

Hi Tom,

Just looked at your tickets and they are r/t heathrow - I don’t see where you have a Gatwick arrival/departure.  Well, anyway it is good information to post…

By Super Admin

Hi, I am trying to get a quote for return direct flights from London Gatwick to Istambul and then return direct Istambul to London Gatwick, on the search facility it seems to want to send us half way around Europe to get there?  Could you tell me what I am doing wrong in my search request?

Many thanks.  Ali Watson

By Alison Watson

Hi Alison,

You can click on advanced options under your city pairs and selet “direct or non stop flights only”

I did a check using this method for LGW (Gatwick)to IST and there doesn’t seem to be any available in our engine.  If I uncheck it the lowest fare came up under USD450 with taxes using Adria Airlines via Ljuljana.

I then checked with flying from Heathrow and they have a non stop with Turkish airlines for USD803 return. For the indirect we also show fares requiring one stop in Europe, lowest also just under USD450 with tax.  I don’t know your dates of travel so of course that also affects price. 

I believe for the lower fares you are going to need to make one stop in Europe for a few hours only.  I have just sent you a screen shot by email showing the LGW to IST fare return for reference. Tell me if I can be of further help.

By Super Admin

howdy doody

By Super Admin


By Super Admin

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