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It is our members who have the insights and understanding with what is going on in the world of charitable workers.  Please use this blog to feedback what you are seeing on the site and how it can be made more concise. Feedback where we can make improvements on our services or perhaps a service  we need to add that is lacking!  Thanking you in advance!

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Hi there,
The only suggestion I have or maybe even question is why does it require sign in? I’m a bit confused, I can see some resources like Insurance but not the rest. Thanks, Nikki

By Nikola Webster

Hi Nikola,

We are a membership site for purposes of qualifying whether applicants are bonified charitable/mission workers or are intending to be in the near future short or long term.  Membership is free and application is a simple five required fields by which we will determine qualification or follow up with further questions.  Some areas require a log in to see further details such as our emag, opportunities and our flight concierge.  Our flight concierge is loaded with some fares that can only be purchased by bonified charitable workers.  Become a member today!

By Super Admin

I can’t seem to find a way to log out of the site.  Where do I find the logout button?

By b4t

Hi B4T, in general our site will log you out after a period of inactivity.  Understanding there may be reasons you would like to log out quicker we have placed a Log out button in the member area.  You will only see it when you are logged in.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

By Super Admin

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