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It is possible you will be looking at paying less than USD600/year for full health coverage! 

The product we will be offering our membership  distinguishes itself through the following characteristics:

  • Medical expense coverage up to approx. USD960.000 / event
  • Accident and accidental death coverage
  • Complicated child birth expenses are covered
  • In and outpatient coverage
  • Availability of three insurance packages
  • Annual renewal
  • 24 hours a day 365 days a year help and assistance

Contrary to most insurances that cover required medical costs, the insurance we will offer our membership is a real health insurance. In other words, this insurance is NOT just covering an accident.  Let's say you are not feeling well or have a strange pain in your body - you can get a check up and be covered! The maximum amount covered is higher overall and available per event. (minimum coverage is approx. USD640,000 / event). Even though the coverage is high you will find the premiums are comparable with the inferior "travel" insurances many are taking out. 

How does it work? approaches the insurance provider as a group of members resulting in lower rates for exceptional product. As a member you can request a quote at no charge.  if you are happy with the price and coverage you can then pay online with credit card or check/mailorder to our office in Hong Kong or the USA.

To get started send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the following details:

1) Number of Adults and at least one members name who will be on the policy

2) Number of dependent Children and ages

3) Choose one:

 a) Worldwide coverage except for those working in or resident/citizens of:  USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan


b) Worldwide coverage (all countries)


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