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About Us

Charity workers with a travel industry background have established traditional travel agency models and alliances around the world as early as the 1990's. There were limitations, and while many benefitted, 'good' was not 'good enough'. In recent years it became more and more evident change was needed. Certainly, the internet has prompted many of these changes and our goal of serving internationally, without limitation, is now a reality!

Now trading as, the driving force of our organisation remains the same; to move charity workers around the world in an efficient and cost-effective way as possible.

We want you to be able to major on purpose and minor on logistics.

Maybe some of you aren't ready to get on a plane yet. You are still looking for that right direction, that right opportunity. Perhaps you are where you need to be already and are looking for a good health insurance coverage. We are confident you will find our site to play a significant role in your search.

Because of who you are, we want to work with you!

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