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Travel Medical Insurance vs. Travel Insurance

Please check out our Insurance page for more information on our gold standard in International Travel Medical Insurance.    

Travel Medical Insurance and Travel Health Insurance differentiate themselves from the simpler Travel or Trip Insurances in several ways. 1) Beyond the normal coverages for an accident, there is an allowance for inpatient and outpatient care (self determined) and 2) a validity period of up to one year with renewal options.  3) There are  provisions for home visits whereby you can visit network physicians in your home country.  This insurance is geared to those going overseas long term in nature.   Maximum coverage is 364 days and is renewable.  Please go to our insurance tab to find our gold standard for members and you will see why we are so convinced those in long term service need it.

Trip or Travel Insurance is also very good to have.   A much more economical option, Trip insurance will cover accidents AND Loss from theft AND delays or cancellation cost because of your flight being changed by the airlines themselves.   These Travel insurances will also cover the loss  you would incur if you have a medical or family emergency and have to cancel your non-refundable airline tickets.  Trip or Travel Insurance is not going to cover medical care other than resulting from an accident and is limited to 180 days of coverage.  Trip or Travel Insurance is best for the short term mission or short term stay.

NOTE: While most of our products are for any nationality from anywhere. the short term simple  travel insurance policies we offer are only for US residents residing in the USA at time of application.  

Members, please do consider our longer term Travel Medical or Travel Health Insurance products on the Insurance tab. We also have two very good options for Travel/Trip Insurance.  In each product you will find a very simple quote request with instant response for any destination and duration worldwide!